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Do you love ALL THINGS MONOGRAMMED? Red Wagon VIP club package will light up your day! You will receive a surprise box of 3 super cute items! At least one item in your box will be monogrammed. Remember: This box is a surprise and items may not be the same from one subscriber to the other. 

I am only taking a limited number of subscribers! So, SUBSCRIBE NOW! Only $25 with FREE SHIPPING

Subscription items will ship no later than 7 business days after your monthly payment is received. 

All sales final. 

Cancel at any time prior to your renewal date.


Steps to Order:

1. Click the SUBSCRIBE button below to set up your monthly autopay. 

2. Complete the "contact us" form after you checkout and leave your name, telephone number, address, clothing size and FULL NAME!

3. Await monthly shipping confirmations and watch your mailbox!